Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd. is an international professional exhibition organizer. Its brand exhibitions include: Shanghai International Tape & Film Expo; Shanghai International  Die-cutting Expo; Shanghai International Flexible Package Expo. The exhibition project organized by Fuya Group integrates exhibition, technical exchange, trade cooperation and brand promotion, and plays the best role of bridge for international manufacturers and buyers to participate in and contact with China's market development and trade exchanges.

    In the global economy, Fuya Group is like a precise lens, focusing on the market and exploring business opportunities.Like a delicate key, looking for a way to open the success.The exhibition projects organized by fuya exhibition strive to be innovative, unique, and accurate positioning, with our unique executive ability and exhibition service details, to create a successful model of professional exhibition platform, and take this opportunity to go all out and forge ahead to pursue unique in the Asian market.

    Fuya Group starts from the ordinary and becomes outstanding.Innovation leads to excellence.We believe that treating customers is to treat our future, serving customers is to serve our cause, "multiply business opportunities, achieve the future" fuya concept remains unchanged.

    With the great era of China's economic development and prosperity, Fuya Group keeps pace with The Times, elaborately builds the best trade exchange and exhibition platform for professional technology industry, and shares every pleasure of participating in the exhibition with customers at home and abroad.

    Based on the world and the future, in line with the new trend of the industry, fuya group insists on "specialization, branding, internationalization" as the direction of exhibition development, has the experience and expertise to create professional exhibition classics, and actively promote the development of China's exhibition industry!